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Toys are fun, trick shots are awesome... Toy Trick Shots are AMAZING!
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Music by Lady Bri: “It’s Like Whoa!
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"It’s Like Whoa!"
Performed by Lady Bri
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Written by Brianne Bryant and Arlo Lake
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8. feb.. 2021





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Dude Perfect
Dude Perfect 26 dager siden
love you guys for reallllllll
Bavnoop D
Bavnoop D 22 dager siden
@SKM dang
SKM 22 dager siden
@Bavnoop D yes
Mr.N Funny TV
Mr.N Funny TV 24 dager siden
Congrats to everyone who is early and who found this comment....
Weird stuff Found here
Weird stuff Found here 25 dager siden
Every Clip
Every Clip 26 dager siden
For real
Harrison Scheidt
Harrison Scheidt 17 minutter siden
Imagine how much money they spent for this video
وش الي في الصورة
هل من عرب؟!
monaz buhariwala
monaz buhariwala 3 timer siden
I liked all of the dude perfect videos
S Boon
S Boon 6 timer siden
S Boon
S Boon 6 timer siden
Trick Shut shut up
Navaneeth P
Navaneeth P 7 timer siden
You peoples are insane🤑
Walid Hussein
Walid Hussein 8 timer siden
ءبظد طيببذطسيبسسظطذدذسبلذwsdc xsxcxxws
Alexander Lin
Alexander Lin 9 timer siden
Cody shot was fake
Immortal Granny
Immortal Granny 9 timer siden
This makes toys more awesome and also if kids have a toy and they think its boring and if they this video they are gonna their boring toys are awesome
shikha chauhan
shikha chauhan 9 timer siden
I rember the mome made disc thrower in overtime
Gerby Lanz Montealto
Gerby Lanz Montealto 12 timer siden
2:16 beyblade by hasbro not a takara tomy
Tsigereda Belayneh
Tsigereda Belayneh 12 timer siden
Wow this is awesome.
talisha Anderson
talisha Anderson 14 timer siden
Tanvir Vanie
Tanvir Vanie 15 timer siden
Roman McMillan
Roman McMillan 15 timer siden
Lets take a moment to realize this was their first trick shots video in half a year
Abc Xyz
Abc Xyz 15 timer siden
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Panda Lover
Panda Lover 16 timer siden
Best quarantine roller coaster ride ever in the history of roller coasters (And the best roller coaster in general)
Sara Hammerle
Sara Hammerle 17 timer siden
How many times do it take to do trick shots?
Mafcagile 18 timer siden
Should be the new intro
Ethan Lu
Ethan Lu 19 timer siden
Like the trick shot with that beyblade.
Carter Pack
Carter Pack 19 timer siden
Dab in your next vid plz
Liked FilmDoc
Liked FilmDoc 21 time siden
Wooow nice game
Алсу Буматова
Чё за вишня
StormPlayz Official
StormPlayz Official 22 timer siden
I’m in charge 😎 ooooohhh that was clean
Kingfire Playz
Kingfire Playz Dag siden
I’m surprised the car didn’t even flip
Power Player321
Power Player321 Dag siden
1:43 :O
Who searched this song after watching this video
Nathan Studios
Nathan Studios Dag siden
The panda is back!
Sơn Nguyễn
Sơn Nguyễn Dag siden
Dude Super Perfect💖💖💖
Furkan Üner
Furkan Üner Dag siden
Wish the songs used in this channel weren't so trash.
I got your game
Elias Naebzadeh
Elias Naebzadeh Dag siden
that was so sick the car ride as sick
erica eu
erica eu Dag siden
What did i witness in the intro
Nimish Godbole
Nimish Godbole Dag siden
They have to introduce a segment in overtime where they reveal who panda is
Shreedhar M
Shreedhar M Dag siden
can you do yoyo trick shots
1:15 There drawings in OT 18 get crafty 😄
Ila Paranjpay
Ila Paranjpay Dag siden
Poor Ty
Andrew Marazon
Andrew Marazon Dag siden
Mr. K
Mr. K Dag siden
You guys havs tiktok? Time to unsub
albone1190 Dag siden
One of your videos says that you going to show panda
Ask to seduce Miss
That was so cool
Cason Walls
Cason Walls Dag siden
That video was lit
rajkamal mishra
rajkamal mishra Dag siden
Love from India
Ask to seduce Miss
Aaron Aben
Aaron Aben Dag siden
all these toys are my childhood especially the beyblades
Dax Toretto
Dax Toretto Dag siden
Sorry we weren't recording can you do that again?
Rishi Shah
Rishi Shah Dag siden
The Race track at the beginning!!!!!!!
Lynne Gentile
Lynne Gentile Dag siden
I love you dude perfect your the best pound it noggin see ya
Jackson Kimmel
Jackson Kimmel Dag siden
I watched 13 of y’all’s videos and I want the dude perfect Basketball/signed basketball 😊
Amanda Pasciak
Amanda Pasciak Dag siden
Amanda Pasciak
Amanda Pasciak Dag siden
イムス Dag siden
The best NOsectionsr I've met with recommendations to you (I'm Japanese)
Jemy jojoo
Jemy jojoo Dag siden
WOWSERS LW the morning and thanks again and thanks again
you guys are the beast and you guys are insane!
Trooperchannel 2 dager siden
yeaah do more trick shots thats my favorites videos
Papi Chulo
Papi Chulo 2 dager siden
he switched the ripped paper to a premade paper football
Alangnumbers 23
Alangnumbers 23 2 dager siden
And people say adults can’t play with toys. Literally living there whole childhood
Trinity Mealor
Trinity Mealor 2 dager siden
Please sell slap bracelets
Jean Bucher
Jean Bucher 2 dager siden
I dont watch tik tok
Osmani Faruk
Osmani Faruk 2 dager siden
Nirvaan Daga
Nirvaan Daga 2 dager siden
2:40 toughest trick shot till now. It’s really hard to get the right speed for both of them to come in the act position you want.
Seha Animation
Seha Animation 2 dager siden
small dude perfect ----> That's Amazing
CHOO ZE YU Moe 2 dager siden
buy the youtooz
Andrian Dwi Putra
Andrian Dwi Putra 2 dager siden
Indo :v
Mindstorm Pro Gamer
Mindstorm Pro Gamer 2 dager siden
JC Chill time
JC Chill time 2 dager siden
Perfect. Cool . Thanks for sharing.
Esmeralda Diaz
Esmeralda Diaz 2 dager siden
Hello dude perfect
Gg Gaming
Gg Gaming 2 dager siden
3:18 Cory was so smooth there with that arm wave
Ptao Tom
Ptao Tom 2 dager siden
Swerty 2 dager siden
for the first time in forever i have actually done 1 of them 😮 btw its the slap wrist band
Natalee Elliott
Natalee Elliott 2 dager siden
$600.00+ spent on toys
Ptao Tom
Ptao Tom 2 dager siden
Abyad nabi Karif
Abyad nabi Karif 2 dager siden
Should have seen in VR
Scoot Kid CV
Scoot Kid CV 2 dager siden
Can u guys maybe give me a shoutout please?
Mary Wellingtan
Mary Wellingtan 2 dager siden
Dwayne Julien
Dwayne Julien 2 dager siden
This is how small we really are 0:19
Hemalatha Gowda
Hemalatha Gowda 3 dager siden
Can you make a full video of the shots gone wrong PlZzzzzz
Sarita Rahman
Sarita Rahman 3 dager siden
Dude Perfect, why don't u coin tricks shots?
Vipul Singhal
Vipul Singhal 3 dager siden
So Much Perfect How 😵😵😨 Love from INDIA❤️
Vikram Bhat
Vikram Bhat 3 dager siden
4:04 should've hit the car
Cyrus Huang
Cyrus Huang 3 dager siden
Who is the panda
Ranjana Shankhwar
Ranjana Shankhwar 3 dager siden
Bete mauj kar di wah Bete wah tum to bade heavy driver ho bhai
Annelie Jonsson
Annelie Jonsson 3 dager siden
SFSN FSAFG 3 dager siden
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E 3 dager siden
After watching this, I felt like I came back from my childhood
Shajila Naushad
Shajila Naushad 3 dager siden
This vid was soo satisfying
Brian C. Macmilan
Brian C. Macmilan 3 dager siden
IDO THE ??? 3 dager siden
Harish Selva Kumar
Harish Selva Kumar 3 dager siden
Worst video sanjay
Suryashish Saha
Suryashish Saha 3 dager siden
That's a long intro! 😂
Nils Skillz
Nils Skillz 3 dager siden
Devin Belanger
Devin Belanger 3 dager siden
love your tricks shots
Sawyer Cascone
Sawyer Cascone 3 dager siden
The hypnotic spider practically educate because state actually raise regarding a abiding peen. kindly, willing alibi
Azriel Avraham
Azriel Avraham 3 dager siden
Best shot mini field goal
Dalila 3 dager siden
Miaya Allen
Miaya Allen 3 dager siden
This was making me so dissy
Friends Film
Friends Film 3 dager siden
3:18 I’ve always wanted to do that!
Legoduo 2.0
Legoduo 2.0 3 dager siden
These guys are ligit the best filmers in history
Lee Hubert
Lee Hubert 3 dager siden
can we just appreciate these guys for making our quarantine better? any one of these shots aren't easy . i watched the blooper video ,Tyler almost quit because of one of the shots .
Bryce Stierlen
Bryce Stierlen 3 dager siden
Panda back
Shg Cv
Shg Cv 3 dager siden
I honestly feel like dude perfect was better when it was basically just trickshots and stereotypes every few months because nowadays its overtime more than anything and thats not why I became a fan of dude perfect
It’s Lays
It’s Lays 3 dager siden
Why was the ride at the beginning of the video better than a roller coaster at a amusement park